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Please report any difficulties you might be experiencing with this site by calling the Internet Technical Support Hotline at 1-866-226-7497. The Tech Support hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week excluding major holidays.

Below are several topics that answer frequently asked questions. Please pick the item that best fits your particular issue with the University of Phoenix Student and Faculty Web:

User Login Names, Passwords, and PINs

Error Messages


What's the difference between a User Login Name, password, and PIN?

A User Login Name is a name you select and use to identify yourself to our system (e.g., jsmith). Please do not use your first or last name as a Login Name.

A password is a self-selected alphanumeric combination used to validate your User Login Name. User Login Names are between 4 to 12 characters with at least one letter, passwords are limited to 8 characters or less (alphanumeric with at least one letter).

Your PIN, or Personal ID Number, is initially a University system generated number that is used as a secondary level of security.

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I do not have a User Login Name or password.

Please fill out our registration form to request access.

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I have forgotten my User Login Name and/or password.

Please complete the Problem Report form.

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What's my PIN?

If you do not know your PIN, please contact your campus to receive this information. In most cases, a letter will be generated and sent to you at the home address on record with the University with your PIN information in it.

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Can I change my PIN?

Once assigned, PIN numbers are only changed in extenuating circumstances (e.g., the PIN has been stolen, or the security of the number has been compromised). To change your PIN, for either of the two reasons set forth above, please contact your Academic Counselor at your campus.

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I got an error message when I tried to access my information.

Since the launch of the University's Student and Faculty Websites, there have been several error messages that have been brought to our attention. Following is a list of the most commonly received error messages and what can be done to correct the problem.

Object moved: the object may be found here
If you receive this message, click on the "refresh" button. You can also try closing your browser, and logging in again.

HTTP 4xx Errors
Any message that starts out "HTTP: 401, 402," etc. is a client error. This means that your browser is probably not configured properly to handle the web site or that a system problem has been encountered on your PC.

Restart your PC and then browse to the web again. If restarting your PC does not clear this problem up, you might consider upgrading your browser to a more current version. If you are using a current browser version, check the internal settings in the browser itself. You may also consider contacting your Internet Service Provider for assistance.

HTTP 5xx Errors
Any message that starts with "HTTP: 500, 501," etc. is usually server related. That means that the server on which this service resides is temporarily unavailable.

Wait for a little while then attempt to browse to the service again. If you still encounter the error, let us know.

Other Errors
"We're missing some of the information you requested." This error may result under the following conditions: when the system doesn't find a home address for you or if you bookmarked the page. You may also receive this error when your browser does not accept "cookies."Active server pages try to place a cookie on your PC which tracks your session on our server. This cookie actually adds security to the site as all of the information you enter will be associated with your unique ID found in this cookie. The cookie will be removed from your hard drive after you close your browser. This serves to ensure that only you get your information and only after you have entered a User Login Name and Password.

If you did not bookmark the page, chances are that our records for you are incomplete. To verify that we have a complete record for you, please contact your Academic Counselor at your campus.

If you did bookmark the page, please remember that this service depends on cookies being placed on your PC. After you close your browser, the cookie is removed and any subsequent attempts to access your information via bookmark will result in this message. If you have cookies disabled in your browser options/preferences, you need to either enable them or set the browser to prompt you when you receive a cookie. The service will not work unless you accept the cookie.

"I had no information in any of the fields."
Some browsers don't support caching of session variables, like your User Login Name and Password. When you refresh or reload active server pages, which make up this web site, they need those variable to run their scripts. Without it, the service may not be able to return any information.

Update your browser to Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8.0. It is free and can be downloaded off the Web.

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Tell us what you think of this service.

Does this service enhance your educational experience at the University of Phoenix? We are interested in knowing what you think of this service and if there are there any additions to or changes that you would like to see happen to this service that would make it more valuable to our students.

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